Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ok... well there is no introduction that would do justice to these clips. I want to say so much, but nothing quite fills the gap after you see these. The underlying theory (which is never stated) is extremely simple, linking across the boundaries of gravity, electricity, magnetism, and harmonics- and of course linking them all together. Today has been a very strange day of discovery for me. Watch and learn.









Now that your brain has been thoroughly turned inside-out and backwards and you are (hopefully) seeing more clearly, what do you plan to do with the information? The thoughts presented in this series of tapes congrue and congeal with my thinking of such matters and fill in the vital missing linkages/thoughts/components. I cannot say enough about the underlying workings of the presented occurrences... these films answer so many questions.

Hopefully I will post the questions that had gone unanswered that have been remedied by these films. I have been thinking them for years, and coming up with inconclusive answers. The only question of mine I can remember presently is ... a pondering of how the planets got into our solar system and how they stayed in it. My theory went something like: ...the planets and sun must have magnetic poles that oppose each other ...which strike a balance between gravity pulling the planets towards the sun and the magnetic fields repelling them from the sun. The visual representation that comes closest to this is of a spinning magnetic top in a bowl, with a large magnet in the center as the sun. The spinning top (a planet) would strike a medium between being pulled in towards the center of the bowl (gravity) and being repelled from said center magnetically (repulsion of similar magnetic fields).

Anyway, it doesn't really matter what my theory was, what matters is what theory works correctly to explain the event(s). My favorite part of the film, which is also a field that I think people should study more in depth, is the particle-wave duality situation. The film presents a great explanation for the resolution/combination of the theory that I find very satisfactory in explaining the behavior of electrons and particles/waves of light.

As can be deduced, I am thoroughly impressed and believe that EVERYONE should see these films. If only there were a way to save flash films onto my computer (I don't know of one yet), I would save these so I would never forget how simply such diverse theories as gravity and magnetism and moving vorticies are converged into a more grand and simple explanation.

Ugh, I can't put it into words! All I know is that I will continue to study until I am fully satisfied (which will hopefully be never) and make use of such knowledge for myself and all of humanity. (And yes I know how cheesy that sounds, but it's truly how I feel.) We need an energy revolution! And I am going to be a part of it! :)

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