Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ok... well there is no introduction that would do justice to these clips. I want to say so much, but nothing quite fills the gap after you see these. The underlying theory (which is never stated) is extremely simple, linking across the boundaries of gravity, electricity, magnetism, and harmonics- and of course linking them all together. Today has been a very strange day of discovery for me. Watch and learn.









Now that your brain has been thoroughly turned inside-out and backwards and you are (hopefully) seeing more clearly, what do you plan to do with the information? The thoughts presented in this series of tapes congrue and congeal with my thinking of such matters and fill in the vital missing linkages/thoughts/components. I cannot say enough about the underlying workings of the presented occurrences... these films answer so many questions.

Hopefully I will post the questions that had gone unanswered that have been remedied by these films. I have been thinking them for years, and coming up with inconclusive answers. The only question of mine I can remember presently is ... a pondering of how the planets got into our solar system and how they stayed in it. My theory went something like: ...the planets and sun must have magnetic poles that oppose each other ...which strike a balance between gravity pulling the planets towards the sun and the magnetic fields repelling them from the sun. The visual representation that comes closest to this is of a spinning magnetic top in a bowl, with a large magnet in the center as the sun. The spinning top (a planet) would strike a medium between being pulled in towards the center of the bowl (gravity) and being repelled from said center magnetically (repulsion of similar magnetic fields).

Anyway, it doesn't really matter what my theory was, what matters is what theory works correctly to explain the event(s). My favorite part of the film, which is also a field that I think people should study more in depth, is the particle-wave duality situation. The film presents a great explanation for the resolution/combination of the theory that I find very satisfactory in explaining the behavior of electrons and particles/waves of light.

As can be deduced, I am thoroughly impressed and believe that EVERYONE should see these films. If only there were a way to save flash films onto my computer (I don't know of one yet), I would save these so I would never forget how simply such diverse theories as gravity and magnetism and moving vorticies are converged into a more grand and simple explanation.

Ugh, I can't put it into words! All I know is that I will continue to study until I am fully satisfied (which will hopefully be never) and make use of such knowledge for myself and all of humanity. (And yes I know how cheesy that sounds, but it's truly how I feel.) We need an energy revolution! And I am going to be a part of it! :)

Here are some more frequency effects! (Warning! Turn down your speakers!)

This is an interesting video on natural rotation due to oscillations. I wonder under what frequencies and parameters this effect occurs. Neat-o!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


This is amazing! I want to find out what his eleven golden numbers are! So cool! Hopefully one day we will all be riding around in one of these (or maybe only I will). Let's hope the military doesn't get a hold of the design, though it looks very easy to reverse engineer. I wonder what software he is running to evolve these things.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Ok, well I haven't posted anything in a while. So what's going on with me? Well, I am applying for a local community college. I'm working on getting financial aid right now. I am very excited to attend! I will be taking classes towards a bachelor of science in engineering! Very excited! I don't really know what I want to do with such a degree, I change my mind too often. It's quite frustrating actually, to not be able to choose one thing and stick to it.
My girlfriend had some friends over last weekend. We had a pretty good time, though it was awkward for a while because she hadn't told me that she had dated this particular friend until a few minutes before we were going to go have dinner with him. I felt like a fool for a while. But he turned out to be a very nice person, very considerate and deep thinking.
Anyway, oh we tie dyed this weekend! That was fun! I'll post some pictures of the clothes we did later. All of them turned out interesting in one way or another. Mostly pretty random colors blotched into odd patterns. I like them!
Oh my girlfriend and I (we live together) got a new little cat who we have named Dante! He is very cute. I am about to take him to the vet actually; he has a cat cold from the local animal shelter. He has been sneezing so badly! Poor guy.
Ok so I have a half-ass idea that I want to try to put together over the next couple of years. I will be taking engineering classes and have been thinking what I want to do with the skills I pick up. One beautiful, but not completely practical idea I had was to use my engineering skills and CAD to create functional pieces of art. Like entry gates, fences, lamp posts and other useful objects sculpted in an artful, complex, and appealing way. I imagine gates made of bent tubing, forming and meshing into designs whilst being simple, elegant, and precise. I have always enjoyed any piece of art in which, just by looking at the piece, you can see the detail and precision that went into the piece. I plan to mill into large slabs of aluminum, creating twisted lamp posts... and other sculpted functional pieces.
I also want to do work in free energy of course. I am sort of overwhelmed by the field currently. I love reading about Tesla's work. I admire his genius. We really need to get off of other energy sources. I feel like our presidents of past have not stood strong enough to take on oil companies, or even find a viable alternative to coal. We are still living on an energy infrastructure and technology that was created at the end of the 1800s. Even electric vehicles were around then! I am very glad about Obama being elected as the next president. I hope he can do some things to stir up our economy and innovation. We need more engineers in this day and age. And we need decentralization of information and knowledge to make everyone smarter and to make their quality of live better. We need better schools, or we need to come up with something better than schools. We need better jobs. We need more entrepreneurs! We need more small businesses that can compete with conglomerate companies. We need INNOVATION! As for my personal thoughts on schools, I think they should provide pupils with skill sets needed to think and create on their own. Not tell students how or what to think, or how they should live. Students should be provided with growing and thinking abilities, in which they can cultivate their own thoughts about what they want to do in the world. That may be somewhat idealist, but I think people are smart enough to think for themselves and that they can create a life for themselves out of their own creation, not out of what they are told they have to do to get by in life. Life is for living, not getting by!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Ok, so here is a company called Lutec from Australia. They claim to have built an overunity motor. You can check out their videos at
The video in the middle of the page is the most revealing, and the one on the bottom looks to be a company campaign video. I first saw this video on youtube a few months ago and happened to look further into it last week. It looks as if Lutec has sold the rights to the technology to a company in Hong Kong called Evergreen Ltd. Why they have done this is unknown, but it is verifiable on the Lutec site here It seems unfortunate for them to sell their rights instead of capitalize upon them.
The Evergreen site looks pretty interesting. I've only seen the homepage though. I sure hope this technology doesn't get lost. It would be great to have one of their motors!

By the way, has anyone built one of these around the Albuquerque area? I would LOVE to see one in operation!! As far as I know, it's called a Prendev motor, and supposedly operates solely by permanent magnets. It's a really bad video, I know, but there are lots of others.

TIGA 可変界磁モーター  Variable Field Magnet Motor  Solar Car - The funniest videos clips are here

So this device is run by a variable field magnetic motor. Does anyone know how these work. You can see in the video how the motor is controlled (by pulling the electro-magnets further from the... whatever it is), but how or why does this process work? Any links to relevant information would be awesome.

(I know I don't have many readers currently, but those who happen to find this, please post a comment directing to any relevant/related information. Thanks!)