Monday, October 27, 2008

Ok, so here is a company called Lutec from Australia. They claim to have built an overunity motor. You can check out their videos at
The video in the middle of the page is the most revealing, and the one on the bottom looks to be a company campaign video. I first saw this video on youtube a few months ago and happened to look further into it last week. It looks as if Lutec has sold the rights to the technology to a company in Hong Kong called Evergreen Ltd. Why they have done this is unknown, but it is verifiable on the Lutec site here It seems unfortunate for them to sell their rights instead of capitalize upon them.
The Evergreen site looks pretty interesting. I've only seen the homepage though. I sure hope this technology doesn't get lost. It would be great to have one of their motors!

By the way, has anyone built one of these around the Albuquerque area? I would LOVE to see one in operation!! As far as I know, it's called a Prendev motor, and supposedly operates solely by permanent magnets. It's a really bad video, I know, but there are lots of others.

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